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NEPA Web Solutions LLC

A Scranton, Pennsylvania company dedicated to creating the best secure web and software solutions in the region.

We use the latest trusted technology to solve problems, streamline processes, and create secure applications. Our strengths are custom data solutions, system integration, community building, and blockchain/cryptocurrency consultation.

Our Services

Creative Solutions

That's what we do.


The results you expect, and more.


We'll adjust to your needs.

Our Process



We will meet in person to discuss the scope of your vision.



The technologies appropriate to your solution will be vetted and selected. A proof-of-concept will be crafted and delivered to you for review.

We can venture beyond this step knowing with certainty that your solution is viable.



Development will begin and comprise of many iterative deployments to ensure correctness.

You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, so you can be certain that your solution is aligning with your vision.



You're covered!

We will be there to make sure everything continues to work as expected.

Cool things we do

Our Services

Community Development

User authentication, profiles, chat, automated texting/emails. We specialize in making valuable connections.

Microservice Development

Organize your monolithic application into small, powerful, easily-maintainable, affordable sub-systems ...or start this way.

Blockchain Consulting

Robust, unhackable, and distributed. Blockchain is the revolutionary way to store transactional data.

API Integration

Other organizations make helpful services. We can make your systems talk to those services.

Test-Driven Development

A bug-resistant approach to development that spares headaches down the road.


What this basically means is that the code you'll get will be clear, readable, maintainable, transferable, reusable, and adaptable.

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